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Nakheel Development is a group of holding companies with abroad experience of over 15 years; they needed our guide to embark on a new chapter of their investments by penetrating the New Capital market. We were tasked to introduce them to the New Capital city by doing intensive market research.


After holding several meetings with the stakeholders, we set a comprehensive commercial and financial plan using the Gantt Chart tool that divided the plan into tasks within the timeframe. Afterward, we conducted an updated and detailed Market Research for the New Capital and their area of competition The Downtown. We came with a creative Business concept for the project “First Mall for entrepreneurs in the New Capital”


We analyzed the company’s resources and needs to be the base of our Organization Diagram and the estimated needed workforce to suggest a suitable headquarter space. Our brand strategy included CI & VI is succeeded to position Nakheel Developments among the major New Capital developers. We conducted an effective financial feasibility study and pricing plan and the payment facilities with an eye on the competition. We selected a company trademark and the project that crystallizes the company’s history and the project’s unique selling proposition. Trio V; which refers to the amazing three views of the project. We supervised all the operational activities and the hiring process and all finishing matters in the headquarter to make sure every little detail is consistent with Company Identity. We trained all the newly hired team. Our financial team set the commission policy and the reporting system to ensure transparency. Our strong marketing communication plan has been launched and succeeded through a digital media plans, PR, Outdoor campaigns, and broker acquisition campaign.

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Office 105
Trivium Business Complex
New Cairo 3, Cairo, Egypt.

T: +2 (0) 1001 7373 72