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La Verde Developments came into the Egyptian real estate market with a breakthrough vision and unique outlook based on unmatched quality, distinct architecture, and sustainability. The company needed guidance for its sales and marketing teams, as well as incentive schemes, and KPIs to monitor and improve the effectiveness & efficiency of their teams’ performances.


Etqan team conducted an in-depth analysis of the marketing strategy through auditing the performance of all La Verde Developments’ social platforms, tracking the sales performance to find the gaps in the sales journey and define the core focus. Etqan was assigned to write a scope of work and adjust the organizational structure in order to achieve the company’s goals.


Etqan team managed to tailor an effective sales funnel and hired an excellent caliber Sales Director who was able to collaborate with us in designing the KPIs system for the sales team. Through our analysis and marketing auditing we defined the gaps, created a plan based on fitting guidelines and solutions, after course-correction, we launched a 360 campaign including but not limited the outdoor marketing activity, TV advertisement aligned with digital marketing campaigns. Since we were keen to provide La Verde Developments with a brand sustainability strategy that aligns with its mission and vision and prioritize credibility, we hired a qualified customer service team, implemented an impeccable CRM system to ensure exceptional customer service, and integrated after-sales services.


After the great success that the sales and the marketing teams have achieved, Etqan organized and covered La Verde honoring event for their sales and marketing teams who achieved outstanding results in record time.

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Office 105
Trivium Business Complex
New Cairo 3, Cairo, Egypt.

T: +2 (0) 1001 7373 72