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Meet The Team

Welcome to our Etqan family! Like a beehive, each of us works harmoniously to empower your business. We're passionate, skilled, and dedicated to your success. Let's introduce you to the team making it all happen!

CEO, Founder

Basem El-Sherbiny

Basem El-Sherbiny, Founder and CEO of Etqan, is a versatile professional who has made remarkable strides across various industries, gaining valuable insights into the art of communication, fostering innovation and empowering organizations as well as individuals to reach their full potential.

Basem’s journey exemplifies the transformative power of following one’s passion. With a diverse skill set, technical prowess, and a strategic mindset, he continues to make significant contributions to the business and marketing landscape in Egypt. His unwavering dedication and entrepreneurial spirit have solidified his position as a respected leader and visionary in the industry.

With his experience of more than twenty years in the fields of commercial consultancy and corporate leadership, Basem has trained hundreds of professionals and empowered entities to break through new horizons of success.

Finance, Partner

Ahmed Aziz

Ahmed Abdelaziz is a certified financial consultant. During a career that spans almost 15 years, Ahmed has captured the attention of those who demand a successful business through financial consultation In different industries across a lot of countries

With a vast knowledge base and years of experience, he manages to help business owners and managers to solve and advance their businesses financially. In other words, Ahmed Abdelaziz has a long record of successful journeys with different investors especially in the real estate field. The core of Ahmed Abdelaziz mission is to help decision-makers have a clear view of their business financial situation, and forecast and analyze their financial plans for better understanding.

He holds an MBA degree from ESLSCA University, Besides he has been certified in Financial Modeling &Business Valuation(FMVA) from Corporate Finance Institute Canada.

Dedication and passion are ingrained in Ahmed’s mind. he gives his all to get accurate reports and reflect the actual situation. In addition, he can represent them in a friendly way to non-financials in the real estate market.

Marketing, Partner

Mahmoud El Kady

With 12 years in the marketing field, Mahmoud El Kady’s expertise lies in strategic marketing planning and execution, particularly in the real estate domain. His track record includes developing and implementing successful marketing strategies that have significantly boosted sales volumes in key projects across New Cairo and the New Administrative Capital. Mahmoud’s strength lies in his ability to analyze market trends and translate them into effective marketing campaigns. His strategic insights and practical approach to marketing challenges have consistently led to successful outcomes, reinforcing his reputation as a proficient marketing professional.

Branding & Digital, Partner

Hozaifa Dawoud

Hozaifa is tech-savvy with creative expertise in branding, design and brand strategies for over 10 years. He has harnessed his experience in the branding and digital field by working in different countries, getting inspired by different cultures including United Kingdom, Albania and Malaysia, to finally decide to give back to his belove country all the experience he has honed throughout his years abroad.
Using breakthrough strategic thinking for category, consumer and brand understanding, he creates a clear and creative growth vision and strategy for the assigned portfolio.

With a solid aptitude to analyze brand profit and loss (P&L) and driving the profitability of brands, Hozaifa has the capability to plan and execute 360-degree communication campaigns aligned with a brand’s marketing strategy. He is also astute at planning, developing, and executing effective direct and digital communication strategies to achieve business objectives.

Hozaifa is a win-win solutions strategist and a ‘big picture’ visionary with global business acumen, skilled in applying integrated creative solutions from concept to actualization.

HR & Executive Assistant

Hana Amagad

With over 22 years of experience in executive support and HR management, is a seasoned professional in her field. Her journey began at Al-Ahram for Plastic, where she built a strong foundation in human resources, focusing on recruitment, compliance, and employee relations. Her role at RE/MAX 22 as an Executive Office Manager further showcased her exceptional organizational skills, handling high-level meetings and VIP support with ease.

In her position as a Personal Assistant at Archplan Developments, Hanna adeptly managed detailed schedules and communications for the Managing Director. Her tenure at El-Masria Group was marked by her capability in handling sensitive correspondence and leading complex projects, demonstrating her proficiency in demanding environments.

Hanna’s extensive career, spanning over two decades, reflects a deep expertise in strategic HR management and executive assistance. Her comprehensive experience and skill set make her a valuable asset, poised to contribute significantly to organizational growth and success.

Senior Marketing Consultant

Mohamed Salah

Mohamed is an accomplished marketer with 7 years of experience across diverse industries including Real Estate, FMCG, Home Appliance, and manufacturing. He completed his studies in Marketing Management at the American Chamber of Commerce, gaining insights into driving conversions effectively. Mohamed is known for his creativity in implementing unconventional communication strategies to achieve marketing objectives.

Senior Marketing Consultant

Radwa Hanafy

Radwa is a results-oriented marketing professional with 6 years of experience in account management and marketing, primarily in the advertising industry. With a track record of success in campaign development, product launches, and client engagement, Radwa excels in delivering satisfactory communication solutions.

Operation Specialist

Nour Fattouh

Nour is a versatile professional who serves as an operations specialist, excelling as a data analyst after completing studies in Data Analysis and Visualization. Her ability to uncover key insights from data and transform them into actionable information empowers individuals, businesses, and organizations to make informed decisions confidently.

Senior Marketing Consultant

Ahmed Shaier

Shaaer is a seasoned professional with a multifaceted background in marketing and design.
In addition to his creative prowess, he boasts a comprehensive understanding of the real estate market, having served as a marketing professional for several prominent developers. His strategic insights and market knowledge have proven invaluable in crafting effective marketing campaigns and driving sales in the competitive real estate landscape.
With a proven track record of success and a commitment to excellence, he is poised to make a lasting impact in the world of marketing and beyond.

Marketing Specialist

Mai Mohamed

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Market Researcher

Mahmoud Afify

Mahmoud is a market-oriented analytical researcher with extensive experience in marketing consultancy firms both domestically and internationally. His dedication to acquiring market data through conventional and unconventional channels has made him instrumental in developing clients’ businesses effectively.

Marketing Specialist

Hunya Ahmed

An excellence with honors bachelor degree holder from MSA in management science, marketing major.
What makes Hunnya stand out is that she can quickly weigh alternative paths and determine the best one.
Hunnya’s natural ability to anticipate, play out different scenarios and plan ahead makes her an agile decision-maker.

Marketing Specialist

Omar Samir

Omar is a marketing enthusiast who pursued further education in marketing and sales after graduation, earning a diploma from the American University. He is committed to achieving communication goals through diverse communication channels, always seeking innovative approaches to drive results.



Empowerment: We focus on empowering businesses to achieve their full potential through strategic, effective actions.


Trust: Building trust through reliability and integrity is fundamental in all our interactions and services.


Quality: We are committed to delivering services of the highest quality to ensure the success and growth of your business.


Adaptability:  Staying ahead in a dynamic business environment, we embrace change and innovation for continuous improvement.


Nurturing: We nurture business growth by providing unique, tailored solutions that leave a lasting impact in the market.

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