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Enwan is one of the most renowned real estate companies in 5th settlement with a unique vision that pursues professional methodology in developing projects and delivering the highest standards on time. They needed Etqan‘s guidance to provide them with accurate information about the New Capital market. The business concept was a challenge to make an average mall size float in that market, they needed to hit the ground.


We started by providing Enwan Developments with intensive market research and analysis of the Downtown area, and integrated analysis to their direct competitors. Which also the base of our marketing strategy and concept! We came with a novel concept after studying and analyzing local and international electronic malls to come out with the best unique selling propositions. 


Our marketing and branding strategy succeeded to achieve brand awareness for the company within the new capital competition through a potent communication plan. Our financial feasibility study and pricing plan is very efficacious in terms of offering “competitive prices” according to the new capital research and the competition analysis. Pixel Mall, perfect compatibility and innovative concept to a normal-sized mall and regular location features.  

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Office 105
Trivium Business Complex
New Cairo 3, Cairo, Egypt.

T: +2 (0) 1001 7373 72