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Concrete first came into the market as a developer specialized in separate buildings only. After their success in delivering separate residential buildings, they wanted to expand and switch to a larger variety of products and bigger projects.

By doing so, concrete was facing two main challenges:

the 1st challenge, was that the company’s capabilities were not matching the opportunities and the goals that Concrete wanted to achieve.

The 2nd challenge, was people’s perception of Concrete. They needed to change how consumers and brokers perceive Concrete as a company, repositioning themselves from a small separate-buildings developer to a large-scale name in the real-estate market.


Etqan’s team came out with a plan to restructure Concrete’s internal team and hire a commercial director.

Then our branding department designed and created a brand face-lift to change the company’s look and feel, with a new slogan that reflects the company’s vision in their future steps.

Etqan also worked on coaching and training the sales team in order to change their way of approaching brokers and end users.


Concrete came out with its new version in February with a huge outdoor campaign and new tailored communication messages through all social media channels, while their team started communicating and interacting with consumers and brokers revealing their new identity.


  • Rebranding
  • Marketing Consultations
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