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Market penetration in the most dynamic Real Estate market, which is the New Capital is a real challenge! We were tasked with a full startup mission with Wefaq Developments with the goal of achieving all the required milestones to launch the project in 3 months. 



We started with providing our client with qualitative and quantitative updated information about the New Capital Market, We have started with the company strategy, and the financial plan. We determined the needed workforce to suggest our client headquarter. We held several meetings with our client to set the most effective marketing plan. We paid high attention to the sales funnel to prioritize the spending to what would make our client more competitive sooner than later. 


Since Etqan always focuses on result-oriented marketing activities. Our Marketing team held interviews with the stakeholders to tailor the brand story, and come up with creative and commensurate CI& VI. Broker Acquisition Campaign is one of our most effective tools to build strong relationship between the company and the Real Estate brokerage companies. As we are the commercial consultant for the project it’s our responsibility to choose the best engineering consultant and Property management for the project. The Real architectural design and the prime location inspired our marketing team to come up with outstanding Business concept for the project. We supervised hiring the best calibers , train them to work together and achieve the required goals. After we make sure every task is done within the time frame! Now we are ready to carry out the Launching event! We managed to prepare press conference and successful launching event. Our operation, logistics, and marketing team work with collaboration with Alwefaq team achieved an outstanding result.  

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